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A draft of agreement between League and M5S Movement

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Rome [ENA] Anti-migrant Eurosceptic League leader Matteo Salvini and his possible government partner, the anti-establishment 5-Star Movement (M5S) leader Luigi Di Maio, both felt provoked by alleged European Union interference in the formation of Italy's next government. How Italy relates to the European Union today? League leader Salvini said there should be a new election if they failed to get a deal and accused the EU

of interfering after Migration and Home Affairs Commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos said he hopes Italy's policy on asylum seekers does not change under the new government. "From Europe we have the umpteenth unacceptable interference by unelected officials," Salvini declared according to Italian Press Agency ANSA. "We have received and maintained too much. Now is the time for legality, security and push-backs". Italy could be at the forefront of a rebellion against the old political order represented by the European Union.

In a private draft of government agreement between League and 5-Star Movement published by Huffington Post Italy the parties declare to have already decided not to question the single currency Euro. But in a note they add the European economic governance must be reexamined including its monetary policy. The fact is that in the document of May 14th , the irreversibility of the euro is open to question and the parties plan to identify a way to opt-out. There are other points that represent a sort of originality in the draft, which have not been denied.

The most unusual is the Arbitration Committee, an extra-constitutional body with the task of settling disputes arising in the next government. In case of serious disagreements, the Committee will be convoked. The extra-constitutional Committee is made up of the premier, of the two leaders of the League and M5S, of the group leaders of the House and Senate and of the minister responsible for the issue to be deliberated among which there are mainly international crises, natural disasters, and public health issues.

In the government draft the NATO membership and the preferential relationship with the United States is endorsed. But there is a modification of the politics towards Russia, which is considered "not as a threat, but as an economic and commercial partner". This is why the "immediate withdrawal of sanctions" is requested. Among the extravagant measures indicated in the draft program, there’s the appeal to the European Central Bank to cancel a debt of 250 billion Euros. To achieve its goal the Italian possible government is obliged to ask for a revision of the EU Treaties.

Under the ordinary revision procedure, a proposal for treaty reform is addressed first to the Council, which then submits the proposal to the European Council. Presumably the Council serves as a type of antechamber for initial debate and scrutiny of the proposal before passing it over to the European Council. National parliaments, however, are assigned no formal role under the ordinary revision procedure, but in theory notification of the proposal allows them to start advance scrutiny of the proposal.

After ordinary revision procedure ratification at national level begins; proposal enters into force if it is ratified by all member states according to their own domestic ratification procedures. Also a simplified Revision Procedure needs a ratification by all member states. Time will weigh on any treaty reform proposal and will therefore shape the political process associated with treaty modification. Is there a sort of political Self-destructive behavior in Italy to damage the European Union? Cui bono?

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