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The finnish movie the Eternal Road presented in Rome

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Rome [ENA] From 3rd to 6th of May took place in Rome the seventh edition of “Rome’s Nordic Film Fest” which had “ Storia e storie” (History and stories) as its theme. The Nordic Film Fest was presented as usual at the Casa del Cinema in Villa Borghese. The festival promotes the film industry and culture of the Nordic countries, and includes Italian premieres, documentaries and short films, in addition to encounters with actors

and directors. The Eternal Road (Finnish: Ikitie), a 2017 drama film, based on a novel by Antti Tuuri, who also co-wrote the screenplay has been a true surprise. The film was directed by Antti-Jussi Annila and starred by Tommi Korpela, Sidse Babett Knudsen, Hannu-Pekka Björkman, Irina Björklund and Ville Virtanen. The film was edited and shot in Estonia in lieu of locations in Karelia. This was also the last film with Lembit Ulfsak, who passed away on 22 March 2017. Ikitie is a well-cast and well-depicted historical drama. And as an historical drama one has to consider it also if it could seem to be inclined to a few genres of clichés.

But essentially the movie aims at exposing a dark and unknown page of history seen through the eyes of a finnish victim of Stalinism, the ideology and policies adopted by Stalin, based on centralization, totalitarianism, and the pursuit of communism through cruel purging of suspects or dissidents. Ikitie, is part of Finland100's jubilee program. Annila's film Ikitie premiered on 15 September 2017 with Tommi Korpela as the main character .The film is based on Antti Tuuri's novel: Jussi Ketola and its producer Ilkka Matila has presented it in Rome Casa del Cinema.

The film, which dates back to the 1930s, tells of Jussi Ketola, a Finnish man, who returns from America trying to escape from the Great Depression. He finds his country in a great political turmoil. One night Ketola is abducted from his home by nationalists and is forced to walk the Eternal Road towards Soviet Russia. Ketola succeeds in fleeing his killers in the Soviet Union, where he is forced to be a spy living with the Finno-American-based Silver Hogs Kolkhoz. The place is headed by John Hill (Ville Virtanen), who welcomes Ketola warmly, though guessing this immediately as a reluctant spy.

The film is a touching reminder of the fate of the thousands of Finns who had first moved to North America and then left 1920-1930 to build a Soviet Union for workers' paradise, but ended in peripheral forests before death squads . Korpela, Virtanen and Knudsen are an excellent actor's trio, supplemented by Hannu-Pekka Björkman. The film was nominated in 13 categories at the 2018 Jussi Awards (The oldest Film Award in the World- 16 November 1944), including Best Picture, Best Director (for Annila), Best Supporting Actress (for Sidse Babett Knudsen), Best Screenplay (for Annila, Louhimies and Tuuri), Best Actor (for Tommi Korpela) and Best Supporting Actor (for Hannu-Pekka Björkman).

One of the finest scenes of the Ikitie is a moment when John Hill, who plays Ville Virtanen, realizes that he brought friends from the United States instead of heaven to hell. If the story of a movie about history tells you to draw some lessons to the present, then the most obvious ones should be at least the following: The bigger the politicians' promises, the less worthy to believe. And any lack of freedom of expression and limitation of citizens' freedom is the fastest path towards totalitarianism.

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